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About StoneBridge Chinese Services
Welcome to StoneBridge. We are one of Britain's leading providers of translation,
interpreting and cultural consulting solutions for companies and individuals
seeking entree to the vast resources and burgeoning markets of Asia.

It has been our mission since the firm's establishment in 2003 to forge a link
between the highest ideals of the Western world with their counterparts in the
East. While such a goal might once have been considered impossible, we have
proved time and again that it can be done. Indeed, while there has long been a
busy exchange of enterprise
between the East and the West, the best of those relationships have been
secured with the help of translation firms like StoneBridge.

Language and culture are the basis of everything we do at StoneBridge. Each
project we
undertake is conducted with the utmost quality, courtesy and professionalism.
We at StoneBridge cordially invite you to experience the difference that effort can
Email: project@s-c-s-uk.com
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